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FSA-DS 2021: How Many Restricted Riders?

Who is in which category?

Pick me! Pick me! I know the answer to that one!

Ho Ho Ho you nutcases! Time to welcome the lengthening of the days (or shortening if you are from down under and/or into baking) by guessing which riders you will soon be picking, if any, of the restricted and double restricted riders. Chris, Jens and I have been batting around ideas (NOT a cricket reference) and came up with a nice formula bzased on not just last year’s weird calendar but 2019’s results. But who are they and at what price? So take off that sweater/jumper your spouse/partner/grandma/whatever gave you and get to work! I want to see some wild speculation for Christmas! Exercise those brains!

1st Saudi Tour 2020 - Stage 4
See that rider in the front? That’s Nickolas Zukowsky of Rally at last year’s Saudi Tour who will probably be the last guy listed on the rider price sheet this year.
Photo by Stuart Franklin/Getty Images




OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. You think I forgot to tell you the numbers eh? Oh hell no. Here they are. I’m about to write them down. Right here. Get ready! Here I go! (deep breath). Let me find the keyboard first. There it is under my fingers! That’s like an auto Seahorse! Great! Okay here we go!

  • 24 total restricted riders (18 points or more)
  • 6 of those are double restricted (24 points or more)