Le Samyn LIVE


Men: Quaregnon - Dour 201.9 km

Women: Quaregnon - Dour 94.9 km

The Belgian Tuesday classic that never (well almost never) disappoints. Gritty and hard and not for the delicate flowers of the peloton.

This year both the women's and men's races will be on TV. The women race a shorter early loo and then do two laps on the now established final circuit with nasty cobbles and all (men do

Tuesday Heroes of the Day: Marlen Reusser & Niki Terpstra

Reusser is looking like the most eager attacker on form in the early races and this is a place where it could pay off. Niki needs to get back to basics to restart his career on Total DE, what better way than repeating his old dominant ways in Le Samyn.

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