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Open Thread: Coronavirus, Mark 2

Oh Greg! The all time virtual Flanders winner!
Photo by Tim de Waele/Getty Images

Comments are closed own the last thread so let’s start it up again.

As of now:

  • All WT mens races are cancelled thru the Suisse Tour.
  • Next up Tour de France! Lots of rumors on rescheduling it. Which makes sense given how much teams depend on it financially. But when? Or better, which other races is it gonna squash when it moves?
  • For the women's WT, all races are cancelled thru The Women’s Tour except for Trofeo Alfredo Binda in early June. The Women’s Giro is up next.
  • For men’s non-WT 2.1 and .Pro races basically everything is cancelled through May with also the Rund um Koln (June 14) and Tour of Slovenia (June 10-14) also already cancelled. Next races to make decisions currently scheduled for earlyish June are the Tour of Belgium, Elfstedenronde, My Ventoux Challenge, Route d’Occitiane, Adriatica- Ionica race, Dwars door het Hageland, and Tour of Austria. Hard to see any of them taking place. Those are the races still scheduled before the Tour de France.
  • In America the Tour of Utah is already cancelled.
  • For the non WT women’s races the situation is much like the men with all races cancelled through May and into mid-June.

here is my daily schedule:

  • 10am-10:30am- get out of bed. Review FSA-DS price list, especially areas that are not quite right.
  • 10:30-12- walk Audrey my dog, noodle on computer, raise prices of a few riders, have breakfast!
  • 12-6- Lunch! read a book, more computer noodling, contemplate raising Remco’s price by 20 points, feel great!, take a well earned nap!
  • 6-6:30- dinner! While eating dinner raise more rider prices randomly. And by random I mean Quickstep.
  • 6:30-7:30 binge Great British Baking Show. Snack! Raise all Brit riders’ prices in appreciation of show.
  • 7:30 to bedtime- comprehensively look at the rider prices that are still low. Looking at YOU Pogs and Ala. You too Higgy and Bernal. I see you Soler and Vlasov. So many riders that are priced way too low! Where will I find the time to raise them all?
  • Bedtime- Calm down and relax by lowering Valverde’s price for Jens. Bedtime snack! sleep!