WORLDS 2020: Women's Road Race LIVE

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Imola 143 km (5 laps of the circuit)

A probably brutal course for the women. The two climbs should cause a massive sorting early and set up a long finale for the favorite group. Who can handle the dutchies? and How is Annemiek van Vleuten's broken wrist going to hold up? are the two questions that will decide the outcome today.

Maria Teresa de Filippis of the Day: Annemiek van Vleuten

I'm gambling on that if she is crazy enough to start then she's probably ok enough to win as well. She might not get as lucky with the group dynamics behind as she was in Yorkshire but on the other hand the course should suit her even better. If her arm isn't hindering her to much she should have very few competitors who can hang with her ten times (2x5) over these climbs. Anna van der Bregggen wins if the wrist holds Annemiek back.

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