Jonathon Vaughters, You Are An EFN Idiot.

Oh, yeah. Big sanguine articles in the Wall Street Journal. You're right up there with exponential supplicant Mike Pence.

I hope you're proud of yourself.

You are an idiot.

Struggling for sponsors every year?

Education First?

I'd say you really need an education.

You finally have the guy, and then you send him off to Italy.

Who EFN cares about the The Three Vallies of Farting?

Not your sponsors, that's for sure.


Let's take a glance at that Paris to Roubaix starting list for Education First:

Jonas Rutsch - Oh yeah, the wins just keep piling up. Just imagine his trophy room.

Fumiyuki Beppo - Yes, you pleased your sponsors. He doesn't finish.

Sebastian Langefeld - He will never repeat that effort, and now it's years later.

Mitch Docker - What the EFN heck is that guy gonna do? Finish out of the time limit, make a podcast about it, and call it macaroni?

You have the guy, and then you bench him.


Klier, Wegelius - what are those complacent and complicit weenies saying?

"Well, it might not be prudent at this time."


You've never been to Roseville. Davis, maybe, that bike racing museum. But Roseville, nice place but not an easy place to ride out of.

Now passing Sierra Collège. Now Passing the Arden Fair Mall. It's 110 degrees today.

Not easy.

What would be easy would be to put that guy on your pink helicopter, send him up there, and let him ride.

It might even work out.