We Love You, Rebecca Twigg

But we can't save you.

Speaking for all, I am no one, just another fan.

You always understood all this, well before I...

I have a family home, where I could put you up, but you wouldn't accept;

I read it in the newspaper - where you're at these days.

Two years ago...

I'm not very religious, but for damn sure you have The Wolf, The Christ, so much within you. And bless you for it.

If it was a matter of money, it could just happen. Just a few phone calls, even to Lance if need - and you could find peaceful shelter.

You know that.

Really hard to get with thinking of you out in the cold.

I hope it's not so.

You've chosen another path.

You are a World Champion.


Even with some problems, you put others first.

Rebecca Twigg.


We love you, Rebecca Twigg.

Please call when you feel it's time to come in from the Seattle cold.

You are not alone.

You have our number.

You've always had our number.

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