The Weekend Report "February Flavor"


February is here already? Man another year that is going to fly by!

We were hanging on the FANSHOTS for the las couple of months so if you want to see what people was up to..

I mean to just go out and pedal and feel the air on your face is great don't get me wrong but honestly to drop your buddies or chase them or the beer and coffee after the ride is what I personally miss the most, come on I am behind my goal by 1500 km already !!

I really need to read before I repost this blah, blah....

Can you believe this far?

If we can rec the post so stays up till February will be nice if we don't well go digging on the posts to find it. We need 5 recs for it to stay as a recommended post but if there is many more posts will sink after 2 weeks anyways. So if you don't see it go look for it in the posts.

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