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FSA DS Deadline: We Are At DEFCON 2!

Saturday’s deadline approaches fast

WarGames Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The threat level rises... the deadline for the FSA Directeur Sportif competition for 2021 approaches... Saturday, 11:59pm CET. 3pm Seattle time. Less than two days away.

Take us to DEFCON 2.

DEFCON 2. Red lights flashing. Shit is getting real. When this level is reached, it means nuclear war is almost imminent, and the entire armed forces structure is to be ready to deploy in six hours.

For all details about the FSA Directeur Sportif, read this post. Or if you are already a member of the Cafe (i.e. you have a login here), then go directly to the FSA DS game page and get started. Or you already started but haven’t finished. So do that. Remember, until you hit “SUBMIT” on your team, you’re not in.

DEFCON 2 is what we went to in the Cuban Missile Crisis and the early days of Operation Desert Storm in Iraq and Kuwait. The former is pretty easy to picture. The latter, well, if you were around then, it makes sense. Sure, mostly it was about whether Iraq could beat up on Kuwait or whether the US could then beat up on Iraq. But Iraq also fired a large numbers of missiles at Israel, and the US convinced Israel not to retaliate, fearing that if they did, other Arab nations might join the conflict on the opposite side. Hence the DEFCON 2: a lot of things were on the verge of going very wrong.

Or, to put it in terms of the Ronde van Vlaanderen, DEFCON 2 is when you turn off the main road in Kluisbergen, start winding around on the flat, narrow path that meanders in the direction of the foot of the Oude Kwaremont. There are no more cards to play, no more sly angles. It’s time to see what you have left in the tank. It’s time to win or lose.

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