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DEFCON 1... Get Your FSA DS Teams Done TODAY!

Deadline is 11:59 CET, 2:59pm West Coast USA

WarGames Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images

No more graphics, no more stories... It’s time to submit your team! The UAE Tour starts tomorrow and the FSA Directeur Sportif goes live for 2021 when the flag drops.

Take us to DEFCON 1!!

For the last time (this year), to learn about the FSA Directeur Sportif, read this post. Or if you are already a member of the Cafe (i.e. you have a login here), then go directly to the FSA DS game page and get started. Or you already started but haven’t finished. So do that. Remember, until you hit “SUBMIT” on your team, you’re not in.

All week long I have been posting about the urgency to submit your team as if we were reenacting the old movie War Games, using the North American missile defense lingo to make the point that shit is getting very very real. Thankfully things hit maximum realness at DEFCON 2, which has happened. DEFCON 1 has not. DEFCON 1 means nuclear war is imminent or underway. It’s Schroedinger’s DEFCON, because it’s both a living situation and the end of everything.

Sound too harsh? Maybe, but consider that if you don’t turn in your team today by 11:59pm CET, you cannot enter the FSA Directeur Sportif for this year! THIS IS A BIG DEAL!!

So big, in fact, that the only cycling analogy I can think of is that the sign-up process has just crested the Paterberg for the final time and is steaming for Oudenaarde. The outcome cannot be stopped now except by the most superhuman effort. It’s Not Fucking Around Time!

104th Tour of Flanders 2020 - Ronde van Vlaanderen - Men Elite Photo by Nico Vereecken - Pool/Getty Images