Tour de Pablo *almost live*


Hey everyone!

Long time no see with lots of you, I bet you didn't miss me but al least were you wondering what I am to this days. Not the much really I got sucked into the routine of working, riding eating and growing old without much to say or no time to share it either.

So after that short introduction let me tell you that I am on holidays/vacations and I came up with a stupid way to spend it.

1000 km and 10 days to accomplish this, for the ones that do not know me, I see some new names among the posts, I live in a town between Malaga and Marbella in Spain and any ride piles up up to 1000 meters quick so it will be interesting how I managed to survive my own challenge.

You can follow on Instagram if you like at @PablosCycling or the hashtag #tourdepablo if not just stay tune here I will be posting some pictures!

Enjoy the views and adventures!