Tour de Pologne LIVE


Stage 7: Zabrze - Kraków 145.1 km

One final big (and fast) sprint to round out the week in Poland.

Kraking szprinter of the Day : David Dekker

Try try and try again.

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Stage 6: Katowice 19.1 km Timetrial

The rare timetrial in Poland.

Dork helmet of the Day : Joao Almeida

Much like in Denmark, it looks like the strongest timetrialer might be the race leader?

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Stage 5: Chocholow - Bielsko-Biala 172.8 km

Lots of climbing and a grinder's finale.


King of the Peat Bog : Matej Mohoric

Surely this has to be the one he wins?

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Stage 4: Tarnów - Bukovina Resort 159.9 km

We start at a fertilizer plant and end at a resort. We're moving up in life.bukovina

Fertilizer of the Day : Diego Ulissi

Surely this is profile for a Ulysses win, no one-eyed Almeida can stop him here.

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Stage 3: Sanok - Rzesźow 226.4 km

Nothing like a good solid 226 km stage to make the sprint...... pretty much the same as a 150 km stage.

Szprinter of the Day : David Dekker

There's no way Bauhaus looks good two stages in a row.

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Stage 2: Zamość - Przemyśl 200.8 km

Things get punchier on day 2. Should be a good finale with this field.

tdp2 finale

Mister Mxyzptlk of the Day : Diego Ulissi

Looking on form and a good finale for him.

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Stage 1: Lublin - Chelm 216.4 km

Long stage and a final km with a bit of a kick, the regular sprinters get a bit of a challenge for their first day in Poland.


Chalking up a win : Matej Mohoric

Bahrain win everything. This is a tricky one though. Is that last bit enough to put guys like Ulissi and Mohoric in play or will the sprinters just power through on such a short distance with gradients?

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