2022 FSA VDS Draft League Organizational Megathread!!!!!

Oh, my stars, it's mid-January again! That means its time for that silly Australian cycling pre-season. And it also means it's time to get organized for the draft! Ya know, that two week long beer-fueled, sleep-deprived festival of Eagles. I've put the spreadsheet together (without any help from Msbee!... although hopefully Msbee will still graciously fix my bugs when they inevitably crop up) and now we're just on the hunt for 24 qualified and excited individuals who can be around for the following times:

These are the live draft times. During those hours for the respective group we'll be issuing a 10 minute timer, after which you're stuck with Gianni Moscon. As usual, we'll be picking casually in the in between times. Head to the comments and let me know which group you prefer.

Things that are changing: because we're dealing with a particularly abusive troll, and because we have a new comment system that doesn't seem like it's going to be that conducive to a draft, I think the draft itself may work best in a google hangouts or a google spaces thread (or even a slack?). I'm open to ideas on this, and we have time to sort through it. Let me know if you have any opinion.

Okay, go!