Gravel World Championships Happy Commentary

Hey, hi,

Filippo Ganna's forever Hour Record, until Remco, was knocked out on a Laser Printed Bike.

Some reading this will look towards their own bike printing possibilities...

Can bikes be printed out same like toast now?


Ganna's ride was an event - no one was even there for Victor Campenaerts' effort. Like 8 people in the stands.



Gravel Worlds:

The UCI really got a lot of things right - mainly the distances of the rides and separating the sexes.

For whatever reasons, the Women's tv coverage was way better than the Men's.

Bringing the idea of the 250 mile ride to young people is wrong and the UCI checked that. Approve! No need to apply off-road riding to extreme distance.

Putting the top men's riders at the front of the start line was correct. The concerns about the course narrowing fast were also correct.

Women's champion Pauline Ferrand-Prevot (PFP) was magical. I hope she doesn't actually buy a Grenadier.

Both PFP and Greg Van Avermaet (GVA) had the same new bicycle, and part of the pre-videos is GVA touting his new BMC brand Taius model with Campagnolo Ekar Group. Women's race winner PFP also had the new BMC Taius, but looked like Shimano(?) setup.

Bike companies happy.

The coverage is available on GCN+, and also free on the UCI youtube channel.

Men's race: Eventual winner Gianni Vermeersch pretty much rocked it a little more than Silver Medal Dainel Oss. Vermeersch looked pretty slick.

Mathieu van der Poel (MvdP), was the prerace favorite, except he is also a 'Trade Team' teammate of Vermeersch, and then MvdP was riding 5 minutes behind with Peter Sagan and GVA, who both had their own loyalty reasons to not chase down Daniel Oss in his two-man breakaway with Vermeersch.

Oh the fun!

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