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Your FSA DS Five — No, THREE DAY WARNING!! Get Your Teams In for 2022!

Beijing 2022 Olympics: womens 500m short track speed skating Photo by Anton Novoderezhkin\TASS via Getty Images

It’s coming to a close y’all! The deadline for participation in this year’s 2022 FSA Directeur Sportif season-long fantasy cycling game is Saturday evening, February 19, at 11:59pm CET, a/k/a Saturday 2:59pm in Seattle. Your team must be complete AND submitted by then, or it’s off until 2023!

GO HERE for the rules and general overview, or just GO TO THE GAME PAGE to get started!

FSA DS small

As usual, we have a couple hundred teams in and several hundred more that remain undecided. That’s good enough strategy, as long as you are prepared to wrap things up on time. I will post more reminders as the week goes on.

I will also send out emails to people who have teams not quite done. I will also be happy to help you if you are trying to make a team and running into a problem. The one thing I might not be able to do is help people who had a problem and didn’t discover it til Sunday, since I won’t be around that day. So definitely finish up!