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FSA DS: The Competition Is ON!

Let’s Look at the Field

Cycling: 101th Tour de France / Stage 12 Photo by Tim de Waele/Corbis via Getty Images

Hey all! Did you get your team in? I hope so. A couple quick administrative notes:

  • If you forgot to hit submit but your team was done, don’t worry, I submitted it.
  • If you were close to done when the deadline hit, email me ASAP at FSAdirecteursportif at gmail and maybe I can help you. If you didn’t start a team before today, then it is too late and we will hope to see you in 2023.
  • A couple teams were a rider or two over the limit, and in those cases I zapped the necessary number of riders and hit submit. Hope you like it!

OK, on to the competition.

What can you say about this year’s field? Here are a few figures to chew on:

  • There are a total of 858 men’s squads and 241 women’s teams, 999 players in all. Both slightly more than last year. Welcome newcomers!
  • Your number one picked rider is... Tom Dumoulin on the men’s side, inheriting the title from Sepp Kuss and appearing on a whopping 429 teams! This might be a record; I will have to spin through past seasons to see about that.
  • Kata Blanka Vas takes over the #1 popularity spot on the women’s side from Cecillie Uttrup Ludwig, Blanka Vas is on 103 of 241 teams.
  • Please go pick through the stats page HERE, there is some fascinating stuff.

Jump in and talk about your team, strategy, regrets etc in comments. Can’t wait for tomorrow!