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Étoile de Bessèges LIVE

etoile de besseges

Stage 5: Alès - Alès 10.6 km TT

Should be a great fight between Benjamin Thomas and Bettiol who is 7 seconds behind on GC, the two are pretty evenly matched in timetrials. And who knows what everyone’s new darling Tobias Halland Johannessen can do in a TT? He is just one second behind Bettiol.

Star of the Day: Alberto Bettiol

From the start it was Bettiol who looked most on form here, I’m guessing that makes the difference in the end.

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Stage 4: Saint Hilaire de Brethmas - Le Mont Bouquet 146.7 km

An uphill finish today and a short but tough TT tomorrow to decide the overall winner.

Star of the Day: Pierre Latour

I could see him doing a sneaky strong climb to lure everyone into thinking he will have a great year.

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Stage 3: Besseges - Besseges 155.7 km

Hilly with a sprint finish unless someone really frisky gets away.

Star of the Day: Mads Pedersen

Seems to be the overall fastest in this race.

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Stage 2: Saint Christol lèz Alès - Rousson 156.2 km

Fun-looking puncheur finish with a steep final kilometer.

Star of the Day: Diego Ulissi

It seems to be UAE’s early spring.

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Stage 1: Bellegarde - Bellegarde 160.9 km

In France the traditional season opening continues with the Étoile de Bessèges.

Star of the Day: Pascal Ackermann

Unless Mads gets that last bit just right this time.

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