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Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana LIVE

comunitat valenciana

Stage 5 & Women’s race: Paterna - València 92 km

Two races today on the same course with the women’s peloton getting a soft start to their season first and then the men finishing out the week of racing later in the afternoon.

Mas rapido of the Day: Marta Bastianelli & Fabio Jakobsen

Women’s race has a decent but not full-on WWT caliber startlist. Chiara Consonni is race favorite but I’m wondering if we won’t see Bastianelli storming back this year and she could start here. As for Jakobsen and QS, they won’t screw up twice in a row.

Official site , Startlist

Stage 4: Orihuela - Torrevieja 193.1 km

The weekend is for sprinters in Spain.

Mas rapido of the Day: Fabio Jakobsen

Didn’t even look threatened in his first win.

Official site , Startlist

Stage 3: Alicante - Alto de las Antenas del Maigmó Tibi 155.1 km

Now things are getting really serious.

Perkiest antennas of the Day: Remco Evenepoel

Remember when I said Valverde would win everything? Well, forget that. Welcome to retirement you old goat.

Official site , Startlist

Stage 2: Bétera - Torrent 171.5 km

A little something for the non-climbers.

Streamer of the Day: Fabio Jakobsen

He can handle these hills, can’t he?

Official site , Startlist

Stage 1: Les Alqueries - Torralba del Pinar 166.7 km

Unlike the other races this week, Valenciana starts with a kick in the teeth. Tough climb a few kms before the finish should create a select group.

Torralbeador of the Day: Alejandro Valverde

He’ll win everything of course. The old goat.

Official site , Startlist