PG - Giro d'Italia 2022 Stage 5


A 174 kilometres from Catania to Messina. One big climb on the day as the profile shows. It’s a long 19.5 with an average gradient just over 4%.

The Favourites

The last time they rode this stage to the Shark’s home town, the sprinters had to chase back on and from memory, made it. This time they’ve got an extra 32k to do so, so… you’d think they’d make it. Of course there are teams that might want to drop the bigger guys and Cav. Especially after what will be tough climb up Etna today for them. The prevailing logic I assume though will be a sprint finish.

The finish has about 700 metres of a shallow but quick descent into a hairpin turn only 750 metre or so from the line. That will string everything out and the chance of a crash are probably quite high. Based on the sharp corner, The Steppers will be favourites to hit that turn first with Ballerini (who has had a third here before) and that makes Cav the man to beat. Another ex winner is Demare and Gav has two victories in sprint finishes in Messina.

If it is a hard chase for dropped sprinters after the climb, MvdP may sprint this time and Bini who looked good on stage 3, will enjoy sprinting against riders who may feel the chase.

This could also be the place Nizz gets his first second of the race.

Of course if you don’t trust me (and who would) have a look at the startlist and make your own minds up.

The Rules

In this game, only the race results matter. You're not committed to keeping the same riders throughout the series, you make fresh picks before every race. Our overall competition is just the sum of individual race scores. You're eligible for the overall even if you miss some races.

Pick 4 riders for the upcoming race. The order of your picks doesn't matter. All of your riders can score.

Riders score points down to 10th place. Less popular riders score more points than heavily-picked favourites. See below for scoring details.

The strict entry deadline is the official start time of the race, the neutralized roll-out or Départ Fictif. Be warned - if your post is timestamped one minute late your entry won't count! So do remember that there's no disadvantage to getting an entry in early, even the day before, because you may always change your picks up until the deadline. Feel free to rethink your picks when it emerges which riders are more or less popular with other players. If you make changes, post your revised 4 picks in a reply to your original post.

The Scoring


The last 3 races will be secret entry between the top contenders… To avoid defensive picking.

When we say top contenders we leave the number open because who knows how many will be within striking distance...

We will notify you by email if we need you to do a secret entry.

The Results

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