Post Martime Alpes, Pre Dauphine Draft League Power Rankings!

With the conclusion of that major race, the Mercan'Tour Classic Alpes-Maritimes, it seemed wise to check in on the draft league. So I'll award everyone's team MVP and look to see who their ace in the hole moving forward is. And dust off your Werner Herzog internal monologue because we got a zombie team making a hard charge at the top to wreck your existential purity!

Honorable Mentions- almost there!: moua, larrick23, stubob, bartek, jimmyjackjill

5. Johnnysteeler - I'm Mads about Gaudu - 6616 (previous - 3)

MVP - Pog, obviously, with a big pickup in Jai Hindley from round 11

Ace in the hole - Pog, obviously. If you get two grand tour winners, you win the game, right?

4. squeemsez - I hate this and I hate all of you - 6971 (previous - 4)

MVP - After losing out on Almeida's presumably hundreds of Giro points to COVID, I'll go with Alexander Kristoff? Arnaud de Lie a close runner up

Ace in the hole - I dunno, I might be done scoring points for the year. Let's say Fabio Jakobsen...

3. holmovka - Stormcripples by the fandom - 7041 (previous - NR)

MVP - Also Alexander Kristoff? This is a shallow and wide team that picked up a ton of down ballot GC points at the Giro.

Ace in the hole - I bet Sergio Higuita wins the vuelta. Why not.

2. zombie Davide Rebellin - Whiskey and Ennui - 7722 (previous - 2)


Ace in the hole - Jasper Philipsen is gonna win a lot more bike races this year

1. Mjkittens - RemCOVID Protocol - 7952 (previous - 1)

MVP - Remco

Ace in the hole - Probably Remco? Quite a few other potential vuelta winners here (dfm once he drops out of the tour, higgy, pinot)

There you have it. Discuss!

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