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Tour de Pologne LIVE

Stage 7: Skawina - Kraków 177.8 km

Well, it’s not for climbers.

Expected finish: 18:25 -18:50 CEST

Kraking sprinter of the Day : Pascal Ackermann

Dart board.

Official site , Startlist

Stage 6: Nowy Targ, Gronków - Stacja Narciarska Rusínski 11.8 km Timetrial

This could probably end in a sprint too, in spite of it being a TT ?

Expected finish: 16:30 -16:50 CEST

Russian ski ace of the Day : Ethan Hayter

Seems perfectly set up for him, no?

Official site , Startlist

Stage 5: Lańcut - Rzeszlów 178.1 km

Just ignore the profile and assume it’s going to be a sprint seems the idea here?

Expected finish: 16:30 -16:50 CEST

Ŵsẓinneȑ of the Day : Mark Cavendish

Looks perfect for him.

Official site , Startlist

Stage 4: Lesko - Sanok 179.4 km

Rolling , rolling, rolling......

Expected finish: 16:35 -16:55 CEST

Rawhide of the Day : Sergio Higuita

He’s gotta stay up there for GC now and if he does, he has quite the kick at the end.

Official site , Startlist

Stage 3: Kraśnik - Przemyśl 237.9 km

Ridiculously long stage for the puncheurs. What is this, are we training for a second Sanremo of the season?

Expected finish: 16:20 -16:55 CEST

Pzunśeur of the Day : Diego Ulissi

Endlessly long journey with a tough ending, sounds like Ulysses to me.

Official site , Startlist

Stage 2: Chelm - Zamość 205.6 km

Another chance for sprinters.

Expected finish: 16:20 -16:55 CEST

Śćprinter of the Day : Kaden Groves

Continuing the upcoming sprint-star theme?

Official site , Startlist

Stage 1: Kielce - Lublin 218,8 km

Poland. It’s back to the everyday grind for the World Tourers after the party in France

Expected finish: 16:30 -16:55 CEST

Lech Walesa of the Day : Mark Cavendish

Bringing a shit-ton of “I would have won on the Champs” energy.

Official site , Startlist