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Worlds: Time trials LIVE

worlds live graphics

Team Time Trial Mixed Relay 28.2 km (x2)

The most beloved of events, the TTT relay.

Dingoes of the Day : Netherlands

World champ, Giro&TdF winner, MvdP and assorted riff raff. No one is coming close.

Official site , Startlist/livetiming

U23 Men’s TT Wollongong 28.8 km

They cut the tail off the donkey to make the course a little bit shorter for the U23 kids.

Flamin’ galah of the Day : Logan Currie

Who the heck knows but “Go Aussies!”.

Official site , Startlist/livetiming

Women’s & Men’s TT Wollongong 34.2 km

World Championships kick off with a bang, two very unpredictable timetrials.

Same course, said to be very technical and not necessarily one for the pure wattmonsters.

Mrs & Mr Bruce of the Day : Annemiek van Vleuten & Filippo Ganna

Betting on the course rumors being true and AvV getting that little edge over the two favs, the purer rouleurs Reusser and Van Dijk. And also that Ganna is technical enough that no one is getting an edge over him.

Official site , Startlist/livetiming Women , Startlist/livetiming Men