Transfers 2023 Part 3: picking through the scraps

You know why we're here - all the big moves have been done (other than a bit of speculative wonderboy poaching by Sir Baldy Brailsford) and yet the greatest sprinter of his generation sits waiting for a new team. Surely the French can't be all that bad if it means a shot at dethroning grumpy old Eddy? Doesn't seem like Vaughters is going to ride to the rescue unless he and EF get an incredible discount.

In other news Ineos continue buying up youngsters, forcing the less well-informed amongst us to head straight for PCS to find out who the hell this latest kid is. Average age of their roster is around 25 these days, which is quite different from the old veteran Sky days.

More extension news than team swaps these days - Wout in an arms race with Pogacar and Evenepoel over who can have the longest World Tour contract. They all lose to Ayuso anyway.

As the nights grow longer and the darkness closes in, a plea to the universe for a single spark of light - someone please sign Cav !!!