Voodoo Black Magic Afoot at the Vuelta?

It's been quite some time since my last contribution here, but the conclusion to yesterday's stage has drawn me out of the woodwork. Everyone has heard of voodoo magic, which has a hand in the dark art of casting magical spells in the form of a hex, by means of energizing a malevolent, spiritual association between an actual person and a facsimile thereof, or to be correct here, an "effigy" of them, usually in some miniature form. Voodoo is but one of several occult/pagan religions worldwide where this brand of spellcraft is practiced to this day. The technique is not limited to small statues that resemble the subject. In fact these spells can be executed using any distinguishing association to the subject's physical embodiment, not just a copy of their body in a tangible form, as with a "doll". Primoz was the only rider in the finishing group wearing yellow, the Jumbo kit colors. As he pulled off to assume his humble place at the back of the group following a long pull at the front, (in order to allow the sprinters to have their contest I assume, without making an obstacle of himself - *nevermind what he managed to do to the same sprinters on stage 4, but I digress...), a spectator cast something onto the course that looked like flowers initially, but following some scrutiny, appeared to be cutouts of something, a butterfly, or leaves, its tough to say, but something YELLOW nonetheless. At the moment the items dropped to the pavement, so did Roglic. When he righted himself and remounted, in his delirium, still managed to deliberately, dramatically, swerve to avoid riding over the fallen items resting in his direct path. I have seen more sprint finishes in 40 years as a racer and race fan than I could ever count, but I've never seen anything like this before. Who would bother to intentionally cast a couple dozen yellow, flowery looking "things" into the path of a storming peloton, or in this case a handful of riders? What purpose could it serve? It's just way too coincidental that at precisely the same moment when falling yellow items made contact with the pavement, so did Primoz. It was practically simultaneous, but the flowery yellow things were falling first, and being so light, they took longer to fall, so when they made contact with the road, Primoz was down too. Interestingly, the fact that there was literally no footage that I could find of his accident from the chopper above, only further endorses the proverbial "red flag" being raised, while I watched in astonishment. It could be a coincidence that he was the one rider out of the camera's birdseye frame, but I still have a hard time with it. It smells pretty fishy to me, like a supernatural/paranormal sort of stinky fish. I am only saying that I would not rule out the possibility that there was some black magic put into use and meant to take Primoz down. It almost looks like he may have even fallen without another rider serving as an accessory or catalyst. Given the fact that he pulled safely well off the group after taking his pull, and was only slotting into the draft of the riders at the rear, he shouldn't have fallen. I mean to say that it's not the sort of situation where you would expect somebody with his talent to go down, but he did, and so violently. I would love to hear from some of the spectators who would certainly have seen the person casting yellow debris onto the finishing straight, just to see if anybody noticed anything visibly out of the ordinary. See the two views in the links below for reference.

view #1

view #2

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