PG - Vuelta a Espana Stage 19

Okay, this is the big day, if any.

(Disclaimer: I understand that real life people - like me - can't often afford expensive stuff. I just have an old momvan. Making a post about buying a new bike. Every respect, and if you can locate me, I'll send you a bike.)

But what about adietrich's (I worked for a guy named Dieter for a long time.) photos - so okay, that photo of Simmons, and then I just see the bike.

I am gonna be in the fancy Trek club. Ha ha ha. HA ha ha aha ha!

More and more, I like riding not near cars. Easy where I live now, and happy.

Here is the little monster to be. I might change the gearbox around some, but, I'm totally gonna Shimano it as designed. Happy to get in at such a good price for a carbon Checkpoint.

I love watching all those racing gals bombing around on their Treks, been going on a while now...

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