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Tour Down Under Women LIVE

Santos Festival of Cycling 2021 - Stage 1 Photo by Peter Mundy/Getty Images

Stage 2: Birdwood - Uraidla 90 km

A little something for attackers to launch from with that Lofty hill.

Sheila of the Day: Brodie Chapman.

Itching to show her new team and the home crowds that she has come to Trek to win races.

Official site , Start list

Incredible as it seems the season starts already. The Women’s Tour Down Under returns to the calendar and now as the opening round of the Women’s World Tour.

Stage 1: Glenelg - Aldinga 110.4 km

Sprinters will always enjoy it down under.

Sheila of the Day: Ruby Roseman - Gannon

Did well enough in the little crit to look like one of the favorites.

Official site , Start list