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Challenge Mallorca LIVE

Trofeo Palma 141.6 km

Easiest Mallorca day, so easy someone should be able to beat Intermarche?

Balear of the Day: Ethan Vernon

Time for QS to start playing for real.

Official site , Start list

Trofeo Serra de Tramuntana 123.1 km

Due to snow in Mallorca ( :-D :-D ) this race is shortened to 123 km.

Balear of the Day: Axel Zingle

Zingling him out ftw so to speak.

Official site , Start list

Trofeo Alcudia: 158.6 km

This thing isn’t an actual stage race, raiders can hop in and out on different days as they please. Alcudia generally comes down to a sprint.

Balear of the Day: Sebastian Molano

Continuing with wacky-picking.

Official site , Start list

Trofeo Calvia: 150.1 km

In the spirit of every shitsmall training race having live video we now even get to see the Mallorca races. Progress, it’s an amazing thing. We now have even better means to work up our FSA DS team selection anxieties. Our picks will still be shit, but now we will at least have even more confusing information to blame for it.

Balear of the Day: Domen Novak

Who knows? I’m going with some strong overambitious guy looking to impress on a new team.

Official site , Start list