Are you still riding?

Happy faces!

Hello everyone!

It has been a while! With the changes around here I was not happy, so I decided to stop coming around that often, I am not that interested in professional cycling anymore either but heyyyyy...! I missed you!

Here we are enjoying the good weather and still riding a Lot!

What about you all?

Last month was my biggest month this Year, 1500 km and I decided that this month I will aim for as much climbing as possible. My goal? 30.000 meters, (I am stupid as usual!)

So lets ese what you are up to lately.

Hope to see you down in the comments and catch up with all like we used to.

Remember we have the Strava Club to see what every one is doing. (I am not following that many people anymore, so don't be surprise or upset if you don't see my activities) I Believe you can see what I d on the Club.

See you in the comments!

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