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FSA DS One-Day Deadline Warning!!

How is your team coming along?


We are headed down the home stretch of that magical time known as “I get to pick a bunch of riders to be on a fantasy team that I TOTALLY CONTROL BWAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!” Yes, the FSA Directeur Sportif team-building period is a magical time, when all of the riders who interest you are positively bristling with imminent potential, and have not even begun the process of letting you down, no, not at all. Enjoy it while it lasts! But it only lasts until this Saturday night:

DEADLINE: Sunday Evening, 11:59pm CET

Are you wondering why it’s Sunday night and not earlier? Because the UAE Tour starts on Monday, and that’s our opening event. We used to start with the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad, but then we caved into the World Tour system. They kept calling Ursula, threatening to “send someone by to reason with him,” so finally we just thought it wasn’t worth the hassle. Anyway that’s the deadline. For Americans, it falls on a holiday weekend, so don’t snooze.

Have you made it this far and are wondering what the hell I am talking about? Go to the explainer post here.

Are you having any difficulty with the site? Please do email me at I should be checking it pretty regularly and can help with trouble shooting. I know some people have had difficulty getting started, so let me reiterate...

  1. You must first be a registered member here at the Podium Cafe. Create a login with your email where it says “public email” so the game site can communicate with it.
  2. Once you have created a login, you should check your email for a confirmation reply from SBNation. You have to confirm your email and login to the Cafe before it will register you.
  3. Once you have done that, go to the game site. Good things should start to happen, although from the front page you should click on “My Team” if you don’t land on the page already. Email me if you have questions or drop in a comment below and someone will probably be able to help.
Theme of the day: charging to the line!
Photo by THOMAS SAMSON/AFP via Getty Images

And Now For A Series Of Reminders

Have you made your team? You must hit submit! You aren’t entered until you do. I will start sending email reminders about this tomorrow to anyone who is registered but not submitted.

Have you submitted your team but regret doing so? Email me and I will un-submit it for you.

Have you made both a men’s and a women’s team? It is not required, but it is more fun! If you are an expert in one discipline but not the other, remember, you can generate a random team — go to the stage where you are adding riders and you should see the function for that: it’s right at the top of the page under “roster”. Anyway, having both teams gives you a full three bites at the championship apple — we have a combined ranking too!

Do you want to create your own private league of friends, enemies, acquaintances, rivals, or even people who you know of but they don’t know you? This is all possible, and visible only to you (if you’re playing your friends just communicate about everyone making the same league). But! You can’t make a private league until after the deadline. You can start or change your private league all season long.

Before the deadline, your teams are invisible to other players, but you can copy the code to show off your team flags to generate speculation in the comments thread!

OK, that is all I can think of for the moment. Keep working on those squads! Let me know if I can help!