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Volta ao Algarve LIVE

Stage 5: Lagoa - Lagoa 24.4 km Timetrial

Incredibly open deciding TT with a handful of strong timetrialers all within reach of the win.

Final rider starting: 17:15 CET

Rocky Beach Guy of the Day: Filippo Ganna

His form from the Euros looks stunning so he should win. Probably the GC as well but it’s not a given.

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Stage 4: Albufeira - Alto de Malhão 177.9 km

Another classic big climb showdown which this time will be extra spicy to see if Cort can defend his lead. And can he do so and keep enough time gap to have a chance to fend off timetrialers like Ganna and Foss in Sunday’s TT?

Estimated finish time: 16:40 - 17:10 CET

Rocky Beach Guy of the Day: Jai Hindley

Looked frisky the other day and this gives a bit more to work with against the faster guys.

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