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Deadline is 11:59pm CET; 2:59 USA West Coast

Hey all, if you aren’t working on your team right now, then you have either already submitted, love/can’t help pouring over last minute injury news, or have lost your mind and decided not to enter the 2023 FSA Directeur Sportif Competition or any other meaningful aspect of life. In the latter case, you probably aren’t reading this but we wish you all the best. In the former two, we are headed for about as intriguing a season as anyone can remember, so just make extra sure you’ll be joining the fun.

In the photo above, taken shortly after I submitted my team this morning (after not doing a good job at all of checking injury news), I got the confirmation message that my team is submitted. Have you seen that message? If not, then you might not have properly submitted your team. Don’t forget to do so! We are five hours from the deadline as I write (9:59am Pacific) so do not delay!