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Now The Games Begin!

The FSA DS submission deadline has passed, but the playing is just about to start


Whew! I don’t know about you but as the one answering password requests and other emails, I am really glad we have the entry deadline behind us and can start the fun of actually playing the 2023 FSA Directeur Sportif! Use this thread to tell us about your squad. I will edit it in a bit to add in the stats, although you may beat me to it in comments.

39th Vuelta a San Juan International 2023 - Stage 6 Photo by Maximiliano Blanco/Getty Images

My team has four main features:

  • I had to take Remco again as my GC guy. I can’t say no to the guy, for whatever reason, and anyway he did so right by me last year. Sure, he’s no Pogs, but he’s kind of Valverdean in that he is super reliable for scoring points. Very high floor, assuming he stays off it.
74th World Championships Cyclo-Cross 2023 Photo by ANP via Getty Images
  • I had to take Mathieu van der Poel, because he is simply my favorite rider and he dropped out of the double restricted zone this year due to some back trouble while we were doing the pricing. He’s fine for now, although still working with his doctors to solve the ongoing issue. Fingers crossed.
  • I took five Americans — all the big names except Sepp Kuss. I just really like all of them — Powless, Jorgenson, McNulty, Simmons and Sheffield. I know for sure I am going to be rooting for them, so it might as well benefit me. [Yes, I have moved on from Simmons’ politics.] As my team name says, I’m So Bored With the USA (but What Can I Do?).
  • Finally, I predict Jonathan Milan will be the most important young rider this year. Johnny Milan sounds like a superhero, and he looks like one on the track too. I am all in! [Or he will waste his time doing track, but whatever.]
3rd Saudi Tour 2023 - Stage 5
Johnny Milan
Photo by Alex Broadway/Getty Images

On the women’s side I just piled on a bunch of Dutch athletes around my new fave Silvia Persico. Team handle is the Ongoing Dutch Hegemony, which for older members here you will recall me going on and on about how Dutch men were about to take over the sport in the aughts. [And Lars Boom would become President of the Netherlands.] Well, it didn’t happen quite to that dramatic extent, but on the women’s side, the dominance is getting out of hand. So why fight it?

OK, what’s your squad about? Any themes, predictions or strategies you are willing to share? Do you have both men’s and women’s? Does your team name need explaining? We know you’ve been dying to share, now’s the time!

74th World Championships Cyclo-Cross 2023 - Women’s Elite
Why do I keep posting CX photos? Anyway here is Persico in action
Photo by David Stockman/Getty Images