PG Classics - Tour of Flanders - Ernest Hemingway Edition


Ernest hitting the cobbles and getting ready for the 1928 De Ronde. He was supposedly trying to get away from his first wife and didn’t realise he’d end up where he started in Ghent.

The Course


I’m not into seances but needs must. Here’s the highlights.

What do you think of the parcours Ernest?

The Tour of Flanders is a race of men, a test of their will and strength against the unforgiving cobbled roads of Belgium. The weather will be grey and ominous, with a chill in the air that will cut through the bones of even the toughest riders. The Flemish people will be gathered along the route, bundled up in their coats and scarves, ready to witness a battle of epic proportions.

That’s nice but what about the course?

The peloton will be lined up at the start, their faces set with determination, their bikes gleaming in the dim light. They know what lies ahead: 273 kilometres of gruelling racing, 19 hills to climb, and countless sections of treacherous cobbles. The riders will jostle for position, each ones vying for the coveted spot at the front of the pack.

Ok. Moving on.

The Favourites

Who are your favourites for the race Ernest?

As the race begins, the pace will be fierce. The sound of wheels on cobblestones will echo through the countryside, a constant reminder of the challenge that lies ahead. The hills loom in the distance like giants, waiting to be conquered. The riders grit their teeth and push themselves to the limit, their hearts will be pounding in their chests.

But who do you think will win?

As the race wears on, the true contenders will begin to emerge. They were the ones with the strength and the skill to master the cobbles, to power up the hills, to outsmart their opponents. They will ride with a fierce determination, their eyes fixed on the prize that awaits them at the finish line.

Yeah. You’ve really set the scene. But forgive me for my impatience. Who the hell will win?

In the end, only one rider will emerge victorious, his face etched with the lines of exhaustion and triumph. But all of them, winners and losers alike, would have earned the respect of the Flemish people, who know that the Tour of Flanders is not just a race, but a test of character and will.

Ok Ernest. If you don’t know just say so.

Van der Poel will break Belgium hearts with an attack on the Paterberg that will devastate the field the same as a bull dancing on paella.

Well thanks for that Ernest.

Or Van Aert will obliterate the field like the attack on Guernica.

I think we can stop with the war analogies now.

Or Pogacar will run like the bulls of Pamplona. Snorting and strutting until he’s speared by…

Ok. Bye Ernest.

You know F Scott Fitzgerald follows me around all day. One good book and he thinks he’s me. James Joyce can’t stand him.

Bye Ernest.

Here's your startlist and good luck.

The Rules

In this game, only the race results matter. You're not committed to keeping the same riders throughout the series, you make fresh picks before every race. Our overall competition is just the sum of individual race scores. You're eligible for the overall even if you miss some races.

Pick 4 riders for the upcoming race. The order of your picks doesn't matter. All of your riders can score.

Riders score points down to 10th place. Less popular riders score more points than heavily-picked favourites. See below for scoring details.

The strict entry deadline is the official start time of the race, the neutralized roll-out or Départ Fictif. Be warned - if your post is timestamped one minute late your entry won't count! So do remember that there's no disadvantage to getting an entry in early, even the day before, because you may always change your picks up until the deadline. Feel free to rethink your picks when it emerges which riders are more or less popular with other players. If you make changes, post your revised 4 picks in a reply to your original post.

The Scoring


The last 3 races will be secret entry between the top contenders… To avoid defensive picking.

When we say top contenders we leave the number open because who knows how many will be within striking distance...

We will notify you by email if we need you to do a secret entry.

The Results

Head over to msbee's spreadsheet to check how you fared. Any issues, please email us on