Identifying The Jovi

Hanging out at a McDonald's parking lot.

In my Mom's town doing nothing.

Hoping for a $3 Doordash score.

Always podcast listening.

Next to the train tracks.

Hoping for another bike race on TV soon.
I saw him.

Guy In a new Black Dodge Charger Muscle Car.

The Jovi.

Doordashing, too.

I just have a 2005 Sienna Momvan.

Older car.

I called him out.

He played it off, and very kindly, too.

He doesn't know about van Aert and Pidcock.

I didn't bother asking - why bother?

and then I understood.

That I am The Jovi.

Always have been.

I guess I knew it all along.

Hours away from Paris - Nice.

The Race to the Sun.

Will be able to watch with Mom,

on actual TV not GCN computer.