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Paris-Roubaix Femmes LIVE

roubaix live

Denain - Roubaix 145.5 km

Third women’s edition and now we’re beginning to move from the novelty phase to the mature race phase. The distance has crept up to a respectable 145 km as well (from 116 km in 2021) and this is an established pillar of the women’s calendar now.

Estimated finish time: 17:20-17:45 CEST.

Flahute of the Day: Lotte Kopecky

As much as I’d like to be original, no one who watched last Sunday is betting against Kopecky here. Especially with some of the worst competition sidelined for various reasons. But then again Roubaix is not a race that has much time for pre-arranged narratives and sure things, I might put a fiver on Pfeiffer Georgi to lift the heavy cobble.

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