Rated NC-17 - Giro d'Italia Stage 20

The stage gets this rating mainly because of the expected violence. That hill they're going up tomorrow is going to be beyond hurt, there's a 4,5km section that averages 15% ... Hahahahaha! Mental fortitude yeah right. Unrelenting suffering.

Language : just the f-word is enough to lose a PG-13 rating and move the stage to a R and we've been getting some of that lately in post-race interviews. And just awful negative attitudes too. Thymen Arensman, come on, pick yourself up from the floor. If I were Geraint Thomas I'd just I don't know, kick him off the bus for being too unpleasant.

I'm not expecting any display of even partial nudity since the stage is not really technical. Sex and explicit drug use are not expected either. Maybe some ketones.