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La Vuelta Femenina LIVE

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Stage 7: Pola de Siero - Lagos de Covadonga 93.7 km

Rarely have we seen a more perfect setup for the final stage of a big race. The seemingly strongest rider in the race, Demi Vollering, sits 1 minute 11 seconds behind Annemiek van Vleuten after an attack yesterday that seems to have lit a massive polemica beef between the two. Was it a planned crosswinds attack or an underhanded sneak attack when the race leader stopped to pee? Either way, temperature is high and the classic Lagos de Covadonga will settle the issue between the two.

Expected finish time: 15:20-15:40 CEST

Non-pee-er of the Day : Demi Vollering

Speculation is that the longer climb will still benefit Van Vleuten but I wonder if Vollering’s form doesn’t tip the scales slightly in her favor? If it does so enough to grab the minute she needs to take the overall I’m even more unsure of.

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Stage 6: Castro Urdiales - Laredo 106.1 km

Some medium climbing on a stage you could see going to a breakaway if the right people go and the bigs wait for the big showdown tomorrow.

Expected finish time: 15:20-15:40 CEST

Reese Bennett of the Day : Anna Henderson

Let’s say she wins from a breakaway with Amanda Spratt and one or two others, with the favorites finishing 1.30 behind.

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