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It’s the Annual National Championships Tracker Post!

Please deposit all Nats results here

British National Road Championships 2023 - Time Trials - Croft Racing Circuit Photo by Will Matthews/PA Images via Getty Images

Hey all! Time to resume our annual pilgrimage, of sorts, toward a perfect set of National Champions Results, or at least the ones we care about (presumably because the rider scored FSA DS points for someone). I will spend some time building out the FSA DS Nats Page, which you can see here, although I’m more concerned with getting the results done by the weekend than having the races listed in advance. So give me a day there. Also ProCyclingStats has its Nats results landing page, but I can already see discrepancies, like they don’t seem to think the UK men’s ITT happened already (it did). UPDATE: You have to touch the filter button to make it works, which it does, and which you might have already discovered if you aren’t an idiot like me.

Anyway, please use the comments to announce results as they come in! That will help prompt me to update the FSA DS page. Thanks!