PG Dauphine 2023 Stage 3

I don't know what WTAEG scoring is. So holding off on tabulating.

My comment is that I don't like the secret balloting for the last few stages. It presumes that your 'opponents' will somehow monkey wrench the effort going into the contest. Plus, why can't the leader throw his/her/they weight around? That's what happens in the actual sport. It would be nice if the leader(s) posted their picks early, but should not required. It is a sneaky sport, after all.


Yeah, I'm just down to using my rear brake. Touch the front brake, the bike stops immediately, and I lurch forward. It doesn't seem like the brakes will wear in some...

When I had mountain bikes, I would always have a very loose grab on my brake levers, only coming to full contact with the wheels when the lever was like 3mm from the grips. I would often just have the levers in my hands a good percentage of the time.

With drop bars, it's a different story. Still dialing in my bike. I guess my brakes are not technically Shimano 105, but that's what they are matched with. I haven't studied it. My bike is a 2019 model, but it does have the Trek Checkpoint Carbon Frame - sweet. Very happy with the Shimano 105 group - my riding efforts, I'm somewhat less happy.

I didn't pay that much for my bike, but now it would be like $4k to replace it - I paid $2k. Good! I don't care how fancy the wheels are or stuff like that anymore.

(I know that there might be people reading this, who could not afford that cost for a bike - don't worry, more can be done with less. Plus, what would be the cost of a gym membership for like 1/2 years?

I stayed with my Mom for a couple of months this winter in a 55+ age community, and now I know exactly who is buying those $10k bikes...Getting dusted off by some old codger on an unbranded electric gravel bike.)

I live next to a big park, which I've noticed is almost entirely broken up concrete on the road parts, so the wider tires do help, I guess. I might experiment with like 45mm tires eventually, but I have to wear out the 1st and 2nd set of tires first.