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Tour de France Femmes Stage 1 LIVE

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Clermont Ferrand - Clermont Ferrand 123.8 km

The second edition of the TdFF kicks off in the centre of France in ASO’s new favorite place Clermont Ferrand. The startlist is massive with pretty much everyone here and with very few names out with injury or with compromised preparations. This could end up a humdinger of a race. General impression is that we will get lots of competitive stages for stage hunters to start with and the GC action will be concentrated around the two stages next weekend but we’ll see if riders and teams have different plans.

Expected finish time: 15:20-15:35 CEST

First Yellow: Lorena Wiebes

This year’s race serves up some tricky finales but to counter that Wiebes has proved better at tricky this year than ever before.

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