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Tour de France Femmes Stage 4 LIVE

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Cahors - Rodez 177.1 km

Whenever you see Rodez as a finishing town in the TdF it usually comes with a giant warning sign that this is going to be a tough stage. Today is no exception with a brutal second half of the stage and in this case it is also the longest stage of the race which very well could have a big impact. 170+ km is a rarity in women’s racing.

Expected finish time: 17:10-17:45 CEST

She worx hard for a living: Demi Vollering

Even with the sense that the balance of power has shifted that we got in the spring, including the Vuelta, SD Worx and Vollering should probably be wary about not taking time on Van Vleuten before the big mountains at the end of the race if they want the win. And this year they have a vleuten-vriendly TT as well to contest with. So they would be wise to try and take advantage of this terrain which is A+ perfect for Vollering and a strong team.

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