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Tour de France Stage 9: Woods Towers Over Pûy-de-Dome

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110th Tour de France 2023 - Stage 9 Photo by Vincent Kalut - Pool/Getty Images

Saint Léonard de Noblat - Puy de Dôme 182.4 km

The long awaited return to the old volcano in the Massif Central. Getting back here hasn’t been easy and we won’t see any crowds on the narrow road up to the finish. But we will see them race it!

Expected finish time: 17805-18:35 CEST

Johnny Weltz of the Day : Mathias Skjelmose

Last time we were here in 1988 a Dane won from a breakaway, this would make for good symmetry. Skjelmose wants to bounce back and the bigs may not bee too keen to work to keep the stage win in play. Even if it would be sad not to see them contest the stage win on such a high profile stage.

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