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Tour of Scandinavia LIVE

Stage 5: Middelfart - Haderslev 144 km

It’s Denmark, it’s a chance for the sprinters.

Surprise winner of the Day : Lorena Wiebes


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Stage 4: Herning 16.5 km Timetrial

The riders have taken the ferry to Denmark for the two final stages. A timetrial to settle the GC today and likely a day for Wiebes...... I mean the sprinters tomorrow.

Lady Eagle of the Day : Grace Brown

Another chance for Van Vleuten but I’m guessing she will have to settle for another second place on the day while grabbing the overall win.

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Stage 3: Kongsberg - Larvik 135 km

Rolling with a punchy uphill finish.

Puncheur of the Day : Liane Lippert

Uttrup looks like she could win a day like this too on the form she’s in but I’ll still bet on Lippert.

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Stage 2: Vikersund - Norefjell 150.5 km

Big GC day on day 2 already, gotta get the climbing done before we get to Denmark, the pancake of countries.

Fjell climber of the Day : Annemiek van Vleuten

Not quite as sure a thing as yesterday, the climb isn’t quite tough enough to give her a definitive edge, but you have to think Annemiek wants to make the best of these last few climbing days of her career.

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Stage 1: Mysen - Halden 124.6 km

The Womens World Tour wakes up again after the TdF and we go stage racing in Norway And Denmark.

Halden on for the win : Lorena Wiebes

It’s a sprint stage so........

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