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WORLDS Women Elite&Junior Timetrials LIVE

worlds live

Women Elite: Stirling 36.2 km

Big favorite and a mystery outsider might make this a thrilling affair.

Laird of the Day: Marlen Reusser

The big question is “How good is Chloe Dygert?” . If she is ace then she may crush them all. But everything else goes SD Worx way so she probably isn’t.

Official site , Start times TT

Women Junior: Stirling 13.4 km

Shortened circuit for the junior women.

Lass of the Day: Cat Ferguson

I heard whispers after the road race.

Official site , Start times TT

Men U23: Stirling 36.2 km

For the individual timetrials we move out to Stirling and what looks to be some very fair courses for the true TT specialists.

Laird of the Day: Alec Segaert

The Belgian supertalent seems to be the consensus favorite if he doesn’t wang it up.

Official site , Startlist , Start times TT