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Euro Champs: Timetrials LIVE


Drenthe 38.4 km Team Timetrial

Is it possible the mixed TTT is gaining some respect? Feels like at Worlds this year people took it at least half serious after just mocking it previously.

Official Site

Startlist: Elite , Juniors

Drenthe 28,6 km Timetrial (Elite) , 19.8 km Timetrial (U23 & Juniors)

It’s Mega-TT day at the European Championships. Simple course, the kiddies don’t have to take the extra detour to Zweeloo to check out Wezup but just go round the lap, otherwise they all do the same course. Oh, and yeah this is the Netherlands so the profile = pannekoek.

Official Site

Startlist: Men , Women , U23 Men , U23 Women , Junior Men , Junior Women