Wacky Races 2024! roll up! roll up!


The 2024 spreadsheet can be found here

Your deadline for entries is the start of Omloop on 24th Feb.

For anyone new, wondering about the rules:

1. maximum 25 riders from the VDS game listing

2. riders names to be posted below, in a vertical column, spelled exactly as per the VDS listing

3. that's it

m-m has kindly offered to help with updates during the year, so you can expect somewhat more regular updates than last year.

Thank you m-m!


Wacky Races 2023 - final update

So, first, apologies for going AWOL.
All, I'll say is that it's been a mad year and cycling took a back seat. Hell, it wasn't even a back seat, it was a bench in a park in the next town.

Anyhow here's the update.

Total score winner is Rubes' Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John team with a score of 20,107.
My Tears of Regret team comes in second at 18063 points (which is light years better than my actual VDS team). Um, My classics team came third, but was closely followed by m_m's The Tall Team.

But Rubes' team cost 225points to build, so maybe we should look at the points per points ratio.

I win! 331.3 ppp for the testing...testing... team, followed by Larrick's Harry Lauder Presents: Romain’ in the Gloagin team at 285.5, next is m_m with his Team Remco and the one-pointer kids, at 187ppp.

MOUA's target of 0 for the unpronounceables team was spoiled by 6 riders but mostly by Welay Hagos Berhe (who?), who had the cheek to score 110.

The weighted scores are a bit wild. Unsurprisingly, the one point teams romp away from all the others. (Hi Larrick!)