2024 Draft - Phil Liggett & Carlton Kirby Discuss the Teams


MOUA’s office post draft.

With arguably the quickest ever drafting process since 2009 when Holms played by himself and took Cav 25 times, we have the unusual chance to ruminate for over a week before the VDS season starts. Before we have our say btl though, I contacted my old friends Phil and Carlton to get their views on your selections. It was a five hour slog so for brevity’s sake, this is an edited version of the conversation but to be fair, a lot of that time was taken up with Carlton telling me all about his latest book whilst Phil went to the toilet for the umpteenth time.

Me - Welcome gentleman. It’s an honour to have you both here this evening. I take it you’ve had a chance to look over the teams?

Phil - I like the look of Rabobank this year.

Carlton - He's talking about the draft teams Phil. I must say from the off that this sort of thing is why I love cycling. People who love the sport, getting together and pitting their wits against each other. Fantastic. I tried to do this sort of thing at Eurosport but everyone was too busy bar Sean who just told me to "feck off". I love that man.

Phil - Is there going to be refreshments?

Carlton - I think you'll have to supply your own Phil. You're sat at home on Zoom remember.

Me - So let me start by asking you both, who would you have taken if you'd had first pick? Carlton?

Carlton - I think that's an easy one. You need a leader. Someone that can take you into battle. Rally the troops. Lead from the front. Fight in the hills and the streets and the beaches. Never surrender. You want a winner. Someone who can put early points on the board. Now you know I don't like to make predictions but I will just this once. I'm taking the rider who will win the Tour De France. Wout van Aert.

Me - I like your choice there Carlton but the TdF? That seems a stretch.

Carlton - He's the complete package. Nothing he can't do except win The Ronde, Paris- Roubaix, Liege, Lombardy and the Vuelta.

Me - And how about you Phil. Who do you think is the best rider in the peloton?

Phil - Well I've never had favourites but if I have to choose just the one name, then it's Froome, Cavendish and Sagan.

Me - Let's move on to the teams and we'll start with Group A. No surprises with the early selections where Timqwe went with Pogacar but I was a bit surprised Mads Pedersen wasn't taken until 9th by Bartek who followed up by ignoring van der Poel and taking Kooij. Thoughts?

Carlton - In my experience it's the pressure of the situation that gets to people. Calling a sprint finish on the Champs? Well you have to deal with it. Letting the viewers know how many roundabouts there are between 10k to go and the flamme rouge? Again, you have to be able to take the heat. I write about it in my book, Sticky Bottle. I think people realise a normal person couldn't do my job. I mean I'm not perfect of course. Who hasn't mistaken Kenny Elissonde for Tim Declercq! It's just when it's time for a cool head, I'm your man and I think the gentleman in question should buy my book. It's called Sticky Bottle and you can get it online. Other cycling books are available. Ha!

Me - Phil?

Phil - What was the question?

Carlton - (shouting) He wants to know whether you’d take them earlier or later.

Phil - I take my pills when the nurse tells me.

Carlton - He’s talking about Kooij. (Still shouting)

Phil - Is it Friday? Are we having fish?

At this point I thanked them both for taking up so much of their time. As Carlton said, "Phil has taken more comfort breaks than Tom Dumoulin". Phil countered when he came back, "at least I understand technology. You thought a spreadsheet was something you went camping with".

I left them to it, unwilling to kick them both out of the teleconference and I must admit, I think they’re still there.

So it’s up to you to tell your competitors who you think they screwed up by picking and how many brilliant picks that no one else would have ever thought of*, were picked by you.

Comment below and good luck to everyone. Even the two of you lucky bastards that had the chance to take Pog!

*Still can’t believe Group B missed FFB completely.