Draft - Nth America/Australasia Lets Go!

Here is the random draw.

Nth America/Australasia Group 1

Group #1

competitor #1: th whistler
competitor #2: Wannabe
competitor #3: Mr Sneaky
competitor #4: Larrick
competitor #5: Holms
competitor #6: Pruszynski
competitor #7: Aquatarkus
competitor #8: Mjkiittens
competitor #9: Seemsez

There’ll be a link to the spreadsheet when it’s ready so don’t whine. We can start with out it. Just remember to Rec the selections so they stand out.

Remember to add your preferred method/s of contact and details so the person before you can let you know it’s your turn. We’re all adults so I expect you can sort it out yourselves… Remember, not everyone may have WhatsApp, for example, so a second method might be required.

Good luck all!