CX Worlds Tábor

Last weekend I went to Tábor with some friends to see the CX Worlds.

Our main motivation was to support Blanka Vas, who has been coming into excellent form following a recent collarbone break, and came second on the previous weekend in Hoogerheide, possibly only missing out on beating Fem van Empel due to her slower climbing of the last set of steps.. As it turned out, Blanka caught a virus and stayed at home, so there was nobody to break the Dutch hegemony.

Thus the racing wasn't particularly nailbiting, but the atmosphere was excellent, the course difficult, the food and the beer good.

I took a lot of photos but I can't see an easy way of posting them here, so please go to the link below. There is a bias towards Hungarian riders, mainly in the junior categories. There is also a bias towards MVDP, he was quite photogenic.

Photos can be seen here