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Founded the Podium Cafe in 2006. Obsesses over cobblestone racing. Not averse to a beer, thank you very much.

Offseason Capsule: Can UAE Team Emirates Be Stopped?

It’s not just Pogačar anymore; Abu Dhabi squad loaded in nearly all phases

Offseason Capsules: Can Revamped Astana Get Going Again?

Is large turnover more turmoil or a fresh start?

Bad Answers to Weird Questions: Do We Approve of Cycling’s Power Structure?

Offseason Capsule: Trek Hopes for Bigger Splashes Will Require Luck and Patience

Classics squad is stacked but stage race improvement may take time

Offseason Capsule: Bora Making Their Move

[Updated] End of Autumn Open Thread

So many odd and ends...

Sorting the Sprinters: Who’s On Top?

Come crunch some 2021 data with me to get a picture of who’s who among the fastmen for 2022

Youth Movement Memes for 2022, Part 1

Covering the stage racers and cobbles guys, how are the youth movements shifting after 2021?

FRAMEGATE... Or How Sergio Higuita Livened Up a Dull Winter’s News Cycle

Notes From the Soon To Be Retired 2021 Desk

Featuring a link to today’s Hour Record attempt