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Founded the Podium Cafe in 2006. Obsesses over cobblestone racing. Not averse to a beer, thank you very much.

The Jumbo Visma Shark-Jumping Will Be Televised

Mid-Worlds Madness and FSA Directeur Sportif Check

Plus the Ballad of Matti and Wout adds (yet) another verse (make it stop?) and Womens’ Audience Growing

Best of the Rest of the Tour: Polka Dot Madness!

Get up early Saturday for the last truly fun part of the Tour

Suspicious Minds? Not If You Keep Digging For Answers

Vingegaard’s time trial was one for the ages, but it’s not fair to call it "otherworldly"

Battle for Yellow: Exciting Nailbiter? Beautiful Stalemate? Something Less?

Take the poll!

The 1998 Tour de France 25 Years Later... A “Last Rider” Review... And the Arc of Cycling History

1998 was a remarkable summer... although nothing compares to 1989

Tour de France Parcours: One Interesting Thing About Every Stage

Plus stage profiles... and brevity!

The World’s Most Succinct Tour De France Preview

It’s the Annual National Championships Tracker Post!

Please deposit all Nats results here

Tour Trends: Gaudu’s Big Moment?

Plus: New July kit specials!