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Founded the Podium Cafe in 2006. Obsesses over cobblestone racing. Not averse to a beer, thank you very much.

COBBLES POWER POLL! Counting Down All 25 Teams

Welcome to the Most Wonderful (Mooiste) time of the year

Cobbles Courses: Where Are They At Now?

A middlin dive into the trajectory of our favorite classics courses

Four Fast Fixtures: MSR Week Mishegas

Five Fantastic Fashions! A Poll-Winners’ Poll

What was the best kit of the Five Fast Factors historical kit review?

Five Fast — OK, Last — Things with Groupama FDJ

One final preview and kit poll

Strade Spectacle, Jumbo Yumminess, and a Weekend of Throwdowns

Omloop Weekend! A Few Quick Hits...

Now The Games Begin!

The FSA DS submission deadline has passed, but the playing is just about to start


Deadline is 11:59pm CET; 2:59 USA West Coast

FSA DS One-Day Deadline Warning!!

How is your team coming along?