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Founded the Podium Cafe in 2006. Obsesses over cobblestone racing. Not averse to a beer, thank you very much.

Five Fast Factors For... Alpecin Deceuninck

Fünf Fast Faktoren Mit... Bora Hansgrohe

May I Please Introduce You To... the 2023 FSA Directeur Sportif Competition?

If you don’t mind, it is time to sign up and begin playing... THE WORLD’S GREATEST CYCLING FANTASY GAME!!

Five Fast Factors... Jumbo-Sized!

And maybe an all-time, all-time jersey ranking

Five Fast Factors: Team Bahrain Victorious

Last season was pretty Victorious, but might be hard to run back

Five Fast Factors with... UAE Team Emirates

Bonus: Lampre Kit Flashbacks!

Five Fast Factors: Trek Segafredo

Five Fast Factors: Los Grenadiers De INEOS

I don’t know why but their name just feels better in Spanish

Five Fast Factors: EF Education EasyPost

The worm turns slowly... and encouragingly

Five Fast Factors: Soudal-Quick Step

Remco’s Team Now? Not So Fast